Friday, September 23, 2016

Moonlight Halloween Barbie

It is late September, boy, time flies. So I decided that it was time to open up my 2015 Halloween Barbie doll, Moonlight Halloween.

I found her at Tuesday Morning this summer, at a great price.

Her box has great graphics, and even a maze on it.

She is really cute in her purple dress with cats on it and her cat ears headband.

 She even has purple streaks in her hair to match her dress.

After being unboxed, she joined her fellow witches in the living room.

From left to right: (Back row) Gothic Romance by Tonner, Pop Goes Oz Wicked Witch by Wilde Imagination, Metro Girl Ellowyne by Wilde Imagination wearing Woefully Bewitching, (Front row) Licca wearing Pure Neemo Magician Set by Azone, Haunted Beauty: Mistress of the Manor Barbie, and 2015 Moonlight Halloween Barbie.


  1. Nice collection! It's my first time to see someone collecting witch fashion dolls. I love the look of the Mistress! Ever thought of adding more witches to your collection? The only witch dolls I could think of right now that might fit that color scheme are Monster High Casta Fierce and a purple Bratzillaz witch doll.

    (I'm from

    1. I forgot about my Bratzillaz. Since they are all witches, the three I have should join the group. Thanx.