Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Homecoming Queen Skipper

I finally got around to deboxing my Homecoming Queen Skipper.

She was easy to take off of her cardboard backer, with only two twist ties and her hair being held with a long plastic piece and thread. Due to the age of the doll, the tape on the hair plastic piece was very sticky and I had to carefully cut the threads, rather than just pull the two pieces apart.

In her box she had directions for her dress, a scrapbook/catalog of current Skippers and outfits, and cardboard cutouts.

Her waist is very wobbly, and her legs are covered in green spots. Seeing her legs was a very sad moment. but Que Sera Sera.

In the box, it looked like she had powder all over her face, luckily it turned out to be dust and it came right off.

The strings on her skirt work, and allow her to have a poofy dress that shows off her green spotted legs.

Here she is with Crimp and Curl Skipper.

Together they show the casual and formal sides of Skipper.


  1. She's very pretty! It's funny, that dress makes me thing more of a first communion than a homecoming, but maybe it's because she has such a girlish face? I'm not sure...

    1. JSarie, it really does. But formal dresses were really poofy in the 80s. LOL
      It definitely reminds me more of a prom dress from then. (it was the year before my prom.)