Sunday, December 6, 2015

Very Licca

When we traveled to New York for Thanksgiving, Licca wore her new Very Licca Trench Coat outfit.

The outfit consists of navy blue tights. a navy blue mock turtle neck, a green plaid skirt, brown boots, and the awesome trench coat.

The secret to getting the coat on smoothly was to use tiny rubber bands to hold the shirt sleeves in place. Otherwise the sleeves got all bunched up and the arms couldn't move.

It is a very metropolitan and grown up look for little Licca.


  1. This outfit is so beautiful! Very grown up and well made! I like how nicely it looks on her despite the layers! Thanks for the tip about keeping the trench coat in place!

  2. I really like these simpler, more realistic Licca fashions. I just wish they were easier to come by...