Wednesday, December 2, 2015

L.A. Girl Fashionista

LA Girl Fashionista, with her half-shaved punk hair-do was a must have for me. 

Unfortunately, her outfit is rather bland, compared to her hair-do.

So I decided to find an outfit that brings out the pink in her hair and evokes the 80s. This Barbie Fashion Pack seems to do that.

Here she is, wearing both shirts and the pink bag from the Fashion Pack. She really pops in it.

The only problem is that the two shirts are difficult to stack on her. In the photo below she is now wearing the jean skirt from the pack.

Just the stripey shirt.

Just the Unicorn shirt.

And now with the jean shorts.

Which is your favorite combination?


  1. 'Loving the unicorn shirt on her! Love this girl, too.. If I'm gonna get an LA girl soon, I'll probably call her Gwen :)

    1. Thanks, I love the unicorn shirt, too. Gwen is a great name for an LA Girl.

  2. Oh I love love love the unicorn shirt! I saw this at Target and didn't buy it and now I regret it. It looks so good on your doll!

    1. If you see it, get it. I'm sure you have dolls it would look nice on.