Monday, August 24, 2015

Grandma's Cabinet

Our final shipment finally arrived last Monday. These were the items we had stored in the US while we were oversees. This means we got our large furniture items: china cabinets, table and chairs, etc. It also means we got lots and lots of boxes. Our house is overflowing in boxes and junk. We are going to be able to have a huuuuuge yard sale when we finish unpacking.

One of the items that I got in this shipment was my doll cabinet. Hooray!

My great Aunt passed this cabinet down to my grandmother in the 1930s. It was passed to my parents in the early 70s, and became mine in the mid 80s. Once upon a time, most of my small dolls fit in this cabinet, along with my Smurfs. 

Now it holds Madame Alexander, Ginny, and other like-sized dolls. And it is full.

Moving them over freed some of the book shelves up.

Yep, one last group of Barbie dolls still need stands. Of course, when they get stands they will need another shelf.

I even got some of the Tonner and Wilde dolls unpacked today (not shown). I am almost done.

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