Sunday, February 22, 2015

Licca Family Photo

I took a photo of my entire Licca collection today. (It is a little out of focus.)

My Liccas share their space with some other dolls, too.
L-R: Squid Girl, Pizza-La Licca (in back), an Obitsu, Miki, Maki, a generic little doll, another Miki, Flapper Licca, brown haired Castle Licca, Ren, Licca's Mother (in back), my first Licca, Hatsune Miku Licca, pink haried Castle Licca, Licca's Dad (in back), Ren (in back), pink haired Castle Licca, yellow haired Castle Licca (in back), Licca's Grand Mother, Poko Chan (in Back), purple minion, Hello Kitty Licca, small anime character, and Sindy (in back).


  1. Wow your Licca collection is lovely and varied, beautiful dolls :)

  2. Hello April,
    I have the Dance Stage Licca dress (blue polka dots top, pink lace skirt). Do you maybe know on which Licca does it originally come on or is it just a dress you can buy separately?

    1. If you are talking about the one my pink haired doll is wearing, it is a separate outfit.