Thursday, October 23, 2014

Once Upon A Time

I love getting presents. It makes me happy to know that someone thought of me. I especially like when the present is a doll. A lot of people say that they don't know what type of doll I would like, and so don't get me dolls. My answer to that is I love dolls, and by giving me a doll, any doll, it means that the person tried to get me something I would love. 

A friend gave me these two beautiful dolls as a gift. I wouldn't have bought them for myself, and thus they are extra special. 

They are 17" porcelain Gold Key dolls.

First up is Snow White. Her outfit is lovely and detailed. She even has a magic mirror in her hand.
Snow is one of my favorite fairy tale women. When she finds out she is in danger, she tries to leave the situation, and gets a job. She even has compassion for a beggar and buys an apple. (Sure, the apple is poisoned...)

The second doll is Cinderella. 

This doll has blue slippers to match her dress, not glass (and not fur).

Her elaborate hair-do would be hard to maintain in real life. (She must use a lot of Aqua Net.)

I don't have a lot of Fairy Tale dolls in my collection, including these, I now have four. This thoughtful gift was much appreciated.

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  1. Oh wow they are beautiful!!!! So detailed and great finish! I love Disney Princess dolls. I only have the Disney store Snow White!