Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everybody, Vogue!

It seems that I have become a Vogue Ginny collector.

I had one Ginny when I was young, Dutch Ginny, though I always wanted another to dress and undress. My Ginny dreams were never full filled, until the last couple of years. In three years of UFDC conventions, I have acquired 8 new Ginnys (and 1 Jill), much to my surprise.

All together.

Here we have: Miss 1930s, too; Roller Rink Ginny; Blue Confection Mini Ginny; and Ginny at Rockefeller Center.

Cowpoke Jill and Cowpoke Ginny.

And finally: Dress Me African American Vintage Ginny, A Ginny in a witch costume that I haven't found the name for yet, and Dress Me Blonde Vintage Ginny.


  1. Ginny is fun doll. You have a nice assortment. I have a large collection of Ginny dolls, one Jill and one Ginger.


  2. What a lovely group! I only have one Ginny myself, but I love looking at other people's - they're such sweet-looking dolls.

  3. I have heard of them but never really saw them before! You have got yourself quite a collection now! They look adorable!