Friday, August 8, 2014

Presents for Sadie

This year at the UFDC Convention, the UFDC booth was selling souvenir t-shirts for 18 inch dolls. I bought one for my Madame Alexander Friend's Boutique, Sadie. The design on the T-shirt is the same design that was on the convention bags, pins, and programs.

I also had a chance to shop at an American Girl store while I was visiting family in Virginia, and got Sadie some other presents.

Her first present is a mini-Cecile. This was the American Girl doll I was debating purchasing, but instead they retired her this year, before I could buy her. Luckily, the store still had the minis in stock.

Her outfit matches Sadie's headband.

A close-up of the T-shirt.

Sadie's other present was Julie's lunch box and lunch. 

I never had a flower power lunch box, but I had a groovy Jabberjaw lunch box in third grade, before that I used my brother's hand-me-down Charlie Brown box.

Yup, just like my Elementary School days. Though I may need to make little plastic bags for the sandwich, cupcake, and chips.


  1. Sadie is a lucky little girl! The lunch box and contents are too cute. I agree that plastic baggies for the food or Saran Wrap is a good idea. I am glad you found a mini Cecile for Sadie.


    1. I was heart broken that there weren't any full size Ceciles left. Oh well. Maybe they will bring out another girl that will appeal to me as much.

  2. The lunch box is so cute, and such detailed food! Cecile is perfect as dolly for your Sadie, I love it that there's a book included. Sadie's glasses look great, too! :-)