Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello, Kitty Yukata

Summer is festival season in Japan, and the clothing of choice at summer festivals is the Yukata.

In partnership with Sanrio, a Hello, Kitty yukata was released for Licca.

The outfit comes with: yukata, obi, shoes, a mask, and a fan.


  1. My best friend has always been crazy about Hello Kitty ever since she was a kid but I was truly not interested and could not understand the hype. Now that I have a daughter, my perception has changed and I do find Hello Kitty adorable! Your Licca doll is very cute in her yukata and the accessories are great too!

  2. The mask is really cute! Licca isn't really my thing, but now I almost want one just so I can buy this set.

  3. I've put off buying a festival mask for myself, but now I am going to buy one so that one day I can dress in my yukata and mask, carrying Licca in hers. I will totally geek out. ;)