Friday, July 20, 2012

Re-Ment Madness

Today I had lunch at Mos Burger for the first time. They are a Japanese fast food institution so I had to eat there at least once.

I had a Teriyaki Chicken Burger and Onito Set. Oni = onion, to = and. The Onito ended up being 2 onion rings and 6 french fries (a nicer, smaller side than U.S. fast food restaurants).

While tasty (real chicken chunks, not processed sludge), the price was a bit steep. Dave wasn't impressed with his burger. The taste and consistency of the meat was more like veal or meatloaf than an American burger.

After lunch we walked a little bit more and then checked to see if the Seiyu had the Re-Ment Sushi packs. By chance, they did. Almost a whole box! So..... I bought the whole box. The cashier probably thinks I'm crazy, but I want to finish the set.

Notice the extra set hanging on the box.

12 packs were in the box.

Out of those 12 packs and the example piece, I received 3 of the 4 sets I needed to finish the entire set.
I declare myself done with the sushi set.

Here are all of my sushi sets.

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