Thursday, September 15, 2011

Horsman Lullaby Doll

I have always been a doll owner and lover. Here is a picture of me with my dolls on my first Christmas. I haven't identified the doll on the left yet, but the doll on the right, hiding behind the Fisher Price chime ball, is a 12 inch Horsman Lullaby Baby. I carried her around throughout my toddler years until she lost her pull string and she started going bald. I was also fascinated by the holes on her torso to let the sound out, it looked so foreign. (bodies should not be full of holes.)

I eventually sold her and my Eegee Softina in a yard sale when I was a teenager. Who knew that 20+ years later I would come upon and buy a working, good as new version of her? She is even wearing the original pajamas. 

 She is marked 1968, though I have seen the same model marked as 1964, and I received it in 1971. Wasn't it nice when the same doll was sold in stores for years? Nowadays, if you don't buy a doll when it first comes out, it is soon out of production and off the shelves.

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  1. I have that exact same doll. It's so nice to see her in pristine condition! Thanks for sharing this. Mine has the same outfit, which is still in good shape minus one small hole in the toe where my dog chewed it. The music still plays but her head does not move any longer.