Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Oh, Why Did I Sell Them?

 1979 was a good doll year for me. For my eighth birthday I received the most beautiful Barbie family doll ever, Superstar Christie. 

I also received a "clone" doll with a great red, white, and blue wardrobe. I wish I could find photos of the set. The doll was a basic Barbie clone with blonde hair, but the clothes were great: white slacks, blue denim sailor themed slacks, a red and white striped hooded sweatshirt with pockets, a red knit sweater jacket with belt, an off the shoulder red evening gown with white ruffles, a white purse that could actually hold things, and high heel shoes and white boots. The doll, itself, came wearing a blue bathing suit. There was also a red shawl/wrap to match the red evening gown.

This clothing set, pretty much doubled the clothing I had available for my female 11 1/2" fashion dolls, which now numbered at 4.

15 or so years ago, I sold the doll and outfits at a yard sale. Now I wish that I had hung onto them. Oh well.

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