Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ruby Red Galleria - Siblies

 The one doll I bought in the UFDC Convention Sales Room is Kelsey, a Siblies doll by Ruby Red Galleria.

The Siblies are 12 inches tall and are meant to be the younger siblings of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends.

There are currently 5 Siblies dolls.

She is so very cute and comes dressed in a great outfit. Her orange hip-pack opens and has space for her to store small items.

I think her face-mold is the same as, or really close, to Merry's (a Little Darling doll) face-mold (in the yellow).

Many of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends have Dianna Effner molds, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Unlike my Little Darling doll, Kelsey has joints at her elbows and knees. This allows her a bit more flexibility in her posing.

Kelsey and Merry are ready for the first day of school - tomorrow. And so am I.


  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of your new girl. I'm eying the Fashion Friends and Siblies dolls. I'm also joining UFDC so maybe I will meet you next year. :)

    1. Welcome to the UFDC! The Fashion Friends and Siblies do seem to be the rage this year. And they are fun.