Friday, May 15, 2020

Mary Engelbreit Paper Dolls

I am a fan of Mary Engelbreit's art. As such, I was a subscriber to her magazine for a few years, until it was discontinued. In many issues of the magazine, Mary included paper dolls for her readers to enjoy. Here are a few of them.

Georgia - she has outfits for Cinco de Mayo and May Day.

Josephine - with outfits for Easter and baking.

Ann Estelle - a beach outfit and a flower girl dress.

Tommy - with PJs and an outfit to play in the snow (and lots of Christmas accessories).

Audrey Ann - with her Baseball/Softball outfit and everything she needs for a day at the beach

Mikayla - with two outfits for the Winter holidays.

I had others, but gave them away as presents. Which are your favorites? I think mine is Georgia. She even has little limes and avocados to make guacamole.


  1. I like Sophie, even though I don't see her here. I have her in doll form, along with Ann Estelle and a few other Mary Englebreit characters.