Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's with the 18 Inch Dolls

The holiday break is almost over and today is New Year's Eve. Some of the members of the "We are 18 Inches and Love Dolls" Doll Club have gathered together for a New Year's party and club meeting.

Julie, new member Melody, and Sadie show off their holiday outfits and dolls. Harmony couldn't make the meeting, since she is on vacation with her family.

Melody has her My Life as a School Girl doll, while Sadie poses with Cecile. It looks like the girls tried to wear outfits that coordinate with their dolls.

Julie poses with her look-a-like and a UFDC Miss Unity doll also has snuck into the photo.

Looks like they are trying to become an official UFDC club. They would need 6 more members. 

They spent the afternoon talking about their dolls, and how to bring new members into the club. Melody had the idea of reaching out to other 18 inch Vinyl-Americans through a blog. "After-all", she said, "We can't be the only 18 inch dolls that collect dolls."

Sadie chimed in, "And I bet some of them live in Maryland, too! That would make meeting in person a lot easier."

(Julie thought these were groovy ideas, but was a little confused about the whole Internet thing.)

Happy New Year!