Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UFDC 68th Annual Convention, 2017 - Orlando, FL: Part 2

I started out Thursday morning by attending a seminar, Collecting Outside the Circle by Stuart Holbrook. Licca, as always, accompanied me. That day she was wearing her white Minnie Mouse outfit.

After that I had lunch and explored the sales room and Helpers. Lots of nice items were donated for the helpers.

Next up were the Regional meetings. Region 11, as usual, was very well represented.

Some travel dolls in their Disney finest at the Region 11 meeting.

Then it was time to check out the Special Exhibits. I loved the Disney exhibit.

Horace and Clarabelle!

The Three Caballeros!

On display were the quilts that Region 11 and Region 9 worked on. 

Special helper tickets could be purchased for the quilts. I bought 2 tickets, but did not win. :(

This is the square I made, Madame Upinova.

I think that everybody did a great job on the quilt project. Everyone's talent never ceases to amaze me.

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