Monday, April 10, 2017

Star Darlings, Underwhelmed

Another rainy day doll opening, even if it is a beautiful sunny day.
Disney Star Darlings: Sage Starling.

Sage is gorgeous with her purple hair and matching outfit.

But she has her problems. She can not stand on her own, and doesn't come with a stand. I can deal with that. I'll buy some more doll stands. 

She comes with a plastic necklace, but it doesn't stay on her.

And her range of movement is terrible. Her knees bend, maybe, 30 degrees. Her hips don't quite get to 90 degrees, so sitting is really awkward. Her elbows and wrists have OK movement, and her shoulders are good.

I'm glad I got her at a really low price. At least she will look pretty on the shelf.

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