Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Isul Vesselle

I decided yesterday that it was dolly opening day. I decided to unbox Isul Vesselle, a doll from the Groove/Jun Planning Pullip line.

He was released in 2011, and I bought him last year at a Tuesday Morning store.

He is decadently dressed in an earth tone suit with strong French influence. I can just imagine him in the court of Louis the 14th.

He even has a tiny cameo.

His shoes are huge on him. His feet are about Barbie size, but the shoes could probably almost fit an Ellowyne doll. It does make them easy to get on and off, but they may just fall off if I move him about.

His hat is kept on by a hair clip, so it is not very stable. But since he is for display, that isn't a big problem.

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