Friday, July 1, 2016

June Round Up

June was so busy that I never got around to posting much. So here is a quick dolly recap of the rest of the month. 

I purchased Mulder and Scully Barbie dolls from a friend. Unfortunately Scully's suit has a few holes. I will need to find her a pair of dark tights to wear underneath them. I used to love the X-Files and still enjoy reading fanfics about them.

I found a My Child Doll at Goodwill for a great price.
Ever since I gave one to my mother for Christmas '90, I have wanted one of my own. Now I have one.

She needed her hair done, and now she looks much better.

Licca got a new job at Burger Kitchen. She is a roller-skating waitress. And, Oh, so cute.

My Friend Mandy got her first bath in over 30 years.

She came through it safe and sound and looks great.

I've been dying to do a roller-rink set-up with all my skating dolls. That didn't happen. But I did photograph two of my Liccas in their skating gear.

And today, July 1st, I got a Mini-Samantha. Not a bad dolly month.

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