Monday, December 29, 2014

Gene Comes Home

Since the first time I saw a Gene doll in person, I have coveted her. Almost three years later, and she has finally joined my doll family.

The Gene I bought is Hello Hollywood, Hello. She represents the beginning of the starlet's career. Her beautiful curls and sultry eyes are what drew me to this particular doll.

I also bought five of Gene's outfits. The first one I had to try on was her Usherette outfit. In the Gene storyline, She was an Usher at a theatre when she was "discovered". 

She even comes with an tiny flashlight.

Pros and cons of the doll and these two outfits. Pros - they are lovely, and Gene's shoulders have great movement. Cons - this is an older Gene and she doesn't have bendable elbows or knees (but I knew this when I bought her), and the shoes that came with the usherette costume won't stay on her feet. She is wearing her Hello Hollywood shoes in the photos. None of the cons detract from my enjoyment of her, though sitting her on her furniture is going to look awkward with her legs sticking straight out.

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