Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello, Kitty Licca

I've been saving this special Hello, Kitty Licca for a special day.

Her shoes are a little strange and don't stay on well, I will have to try them on with out stockings to see if they fit at all.

The reason I opened her up today, is so I can pose her with the new Re-Ment Hello, Kitty bento set I jut got.

The set includes a bento box and lid, 4 pieces of food, a thermos and lid, and chopsticks with their own carrying case. How cute is that?

Finally, Licca gets to sit down to her lunch. Yum.


  1. The Bento is too cute!!! I like the Licca doll and her hair is so nice. But her shoes are a little weird and fishnet stockings? Your white table with the glass top is beautiful btw.

  2. The shoes really don't suit her, I would have liked a pair of lilac flats. And yes, fishnets, sigh. The table is for the 16" Gene doll (one day I will have a Gene doll).