Friday, December 6, 2013

A Post of Random Dolls

Some random doll pictures for the fun of it.

The shelf of small dolls, part 1.

The shelf of small dolls, part 2.

Mini Pullip, Ginny, and Honee-B.

2 5Star Doll BJDs.

A La-Dee-Da and a Bratzillaz Witchy Princess.


  1. You have a lovely collection April! I like the diversity of your dolls. I have a few but mines are mostly all hidden because baby might want to play with them! I can only allow her to play with the plastic ones because she puts everything in her mouth! Is that a Petite Blythe you have? I just bought a few LPS Blythe and they have the nicest clothes!

  2. Yes, that is a Petite Blythe. One of the two I own. I'm not the biggest fan, but decided to tip my toe into the Blythe water. ;)