Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

What to do on a rainy Saturday when there is a 12 hour scheduled power outage? Take an ITT trip! The one we took yesterday was a "Tokyo Culture Tour" that took us to a few stops in Tokyo that we hadn't been to before.

Our first stop was the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park.
The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife/concubine.

It was really dark and rainy, so I didn't take many photos.

Dave and I also wandered the grounds and visited the Treasure House Museum. Note, tickets to the museum are good for 30 days, so you can go back and visit again. This is good, because we did not have time to see the museum annex.

The next stop was Tsukiji Fish Market. We explored the outer market and had a satisfying sushi lunch. VERY fresh. The market was filled with stalls selling tamago, fish, beans, seeds, produce, and souvenirs of all kinds. Dave was able to find a pair of sandals in his size to wear with his kimono.

The group then moved on to a lovely park to view while we waited for our water taxi ride to Asakusa.

The amazing 300 year old pine tree. If you look closely you can see the branches are held up with scaffolding.

The park was this lovely on a dark day while it was pouring. Just think how beautiful it must be on a nice day.

Our last stop was Asakusa.

This is the famous Asahi Headquarters building. The main tower is meant to resemble a glass of beer (amber with frothy foam on top). The "Golden Poo" was meant to be a torch, but, well... you can see that it turned out a bit differently.

Due to crowds of umbrella bearing pedestrians I was unable to get a clear shot of the Thunder Gate.

The marketplace - teeming with shoppers.

Ahhh... a respite from the crowds.

The main shrine.

A Monchichi shop off of the main drag.

The smaller shrine.


Two Buddha statues.

My Souvenir from Asakusa, a Monchichi Lucky Cat.

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  1. I have discovered that it is difficult to take photos with an I-Phone while holding an umbrella.