Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet April

 Sweet April is an adorable little doll by Remco that came out in 1971, the same year I was born. It is therefor not surprising that my mother bought a Sweet April doll for her Sweet April (me).
The Sweet April on the left is the first type, with bent legs. The doll on the right is a Strolling Sweet April. She has standing legs and is a walker.

Look at those big blue eyes!

The neat thing about Sweet April, besides her awesome and beautiful name ;), is that after you feed her a bottle, she cries ans when you push a button on her back, her arms raise as if to wipe her tears.

There were many outfits and playsets available for the doll. The furniture here is from the Strolling Sweet April and her Nursery set.
These are replacements for my cherished Sweet April (I think she probably was sold by a heartless tween at a garage sale around 1980).

This doll was made for walking, that's just what she's gonna do. One of these days this doll is gonna walk all over you.
Not pictured here, I just bought a third Sweet April in the blue romper with original shoes. Yes, I bought a doll just for the shoes. Too bad I now have to wait 3 years before I can put the shoes on one of these dolls that are in better condition than the new doll.


  1. Love this little doll! I had one in a swing when I was a little girl.

  2. OMG!!! I have been searching for this little doll! I had one when I was little, but for some reason I thought she was called Tiny Tears. (At least that is what my mom told me). Now I know the name and can search for a seller hopefully. She was one of my favorites!

  3. Karen, I'm glad my post helped you in your search. Enjoy!

  4. OMG! I had this doll too. I also had the big playland with the carousel and the swing. Got it for Christmas one year. My absolute favorite toy I remember from early childhood!