Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cabbage Patch Craze

Like many other parents in 1983, my mother braved the crazy, violent, doll-hunting crowds in order to procure the perfect Cabbage Patch Kids for her darling children. She even took preference orders from us. I (12 yrs old) wanted a red-headed girl, not in a dress, if possible. Billy (8 yrs old) had a harder order, a bald preemie. Amazingly, she was successful on both orders. As far as I know she only had to "fight" one other woman for the red-head. In the end, she had two happy children and decided to never participate in that type of craziness again.

This is Claire Irene in her original outfit (Jeans, striped t-shirt, windbreaker, shoes and socks.)

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